Verado - Everything. And then some.

Verado outboards have created a whole new set of standards for performance. No matter how you define it. Low noise and vibration? Check. Lower fuel consumption? Check. Super smooth operation? Check. New generation FourStroke power and torque? Check.

The Verado Driving Experience.

Nothing compares to the quiet, effortless operation of Verado. SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) for ultra-smooth shifting and instantaneous throttle response. Electro-hydraulic, automotive-style power steering that provides precision handling. Joystick Piloting that puts you in command of your vessel like never before. Verado pairs power with refinement.

High Durability. Low Maintenance.

Beefed up and better protected. Long bolt design, maintenance-free valve train, dual water inlets for consistent cooling and longer life. Power-loaded robustness and superior corrosion protection you only get from a Mercury® engine. Made to handle bigger boats and bigger water.

Less vibration, more control.

The Advanced Midsection (AMS). It’s a mid-engine cradle, featuring four progressive rate mounts that isolate the powerhead and tame the Verado six-cylinder’s refined, naturally balanced inline power. Keeps vibration out of the boat. And off the steering wheel.

Performance. Supercharged.

Temperature changes, humidity, and elevation aren’t a problem with the Verado®. A supercharged production outboard that turns harsh conditions into pure, all-season power. Superior torque and acceleration across your entire performance range. Hole shots to top end. All with less fuel.

Mercury Verado Pro FourStroke 200-300 hp

Mercury Verado Pro FourStroke 200-300 hp

The high-performance Pro FourStroke. The ultimate combination of power and manners.
Mercury Verado Six Cylinder 200-400 hp

Mercury Verado Six Cylinder 200-400 hp

A perfect balance of performance, fuel economy and driving experience.

FourStroke - Part Revolution. Part Evolution.

Four-stroke technology and Mercury. Always moving forward. With boater-driven innovations and technologies. Like electronic fuel injection. On-board digital monitoring that protects your engine. And a total commitment to corrosion protection utilizing hard-coat anodizing and a superior multi-step paint process. Mercury FourStroke engines have consistently set the bar for clean, quiet performance and low fuel consumption.

Thrustworthy power. Lightest weight.

The large displacement of our 75-150 hp FourStroke engines gives you a big edge when it comes to power and durability. The extra torque helps you get up on plane quicker, even when pulling skiers and tubers, or maneuvering a pontoon in the wind and current. All in the lightest, most compact designs in the industry.

Always ready. All season.

Start it up and go. Anytime. That's the whole idea with a Mercury® FourStroke. Because it’s as close as you can get to maintenance-free. Tougher components, reliable electronic fuel injection (on select models), available SmartCraft® digital monitoring. More quality time in engineering means more quality time on the water.

Fuel. Getting more out of every drop.

Electronic fuel injection in an outboard. Mercury® pioneered it and patented it. It's what makes Mercury FourStroke engines work harder, longer, and more efficiently. Instant starts. Clean, quiet operation. And cruise speed fuel economy that keeps more cash in your pocket and makes more water available to you than ever before (select models only).

Making four-strokes. Making history.

We’ve been developing four-stroke technology for decades. Perfecting it. Taking it to the next level. Making four-strokes lighter, stronger, and more reliable than anyone else in the business while still delivering on Mercury’s heritage of performance. Constant innovation and improvement. If you’re sitting still, you’re falling behind.

Mercury FOURSTROKE  2.5-3.5 hp

Mercury FOURSTROKE 2.5-3.5 hp

Handheld Reliability. Portable power and thrust for exact operation.
Mercury FOURSTROKE  4-6 hp

Mercury FOURSTROKE 4-6 hp

Power Tender and Skiffs. Effortlessly. 26kg of agile performance.
Mercury FOURSTROKE  8-9.9 hp

Mercury FOURSTROKE 8-9.9 hp

Start Easy. Incredibly responsive to get you going with little or...
Mercury FOURSTROKE 15-20 hp

Mercury FOURSTROKE 15-20 hp

Ultra-lightweight & reliable The world’s first portable...
Mercury FOURSTROKE 25-30 hp

Mercury FOURSTROKE 25-30 hp

A Three-cylinder Performer Crisp handling to keep you moving forward
Mercury FOURSTROKE 40-60 hp

Mercury FOURSTROKE 40-60 hp

Held to a Higher Standard. Enhanced fuel injection for boosted efficiency
Mercury FOURSTROKE 75-115 hp

Mercury FOURSTROKE 75-115 hp

Unthink everything you know about FourStroke. Tuned for max...
Mercury FOURSTROKE-135-150 hp

Mercury FOURSTROKE-135-150 hp

Massive displacement and the lightest 150 hp four-stroke in its class.
Mercury V6 3.4L 175-225 hp

Mercury V6 3.4L 175-225 hp

No Sacrifices, No Compromises, No Apologies

Mercury SeaPro FourStroke - Commercial Outboards

Mercury SeaPro commercial outboards are designed to work as hard as you do…engineered to be ultra-tough working partners for everyone making their living on the water. They’ve earned their credentials for reliability by performing under the toughest working conditions possible, to deliver year-after-year of trouble-free operation.

Every SeaPro outboard features unique components to cope with the additional demands of professional operation.


Lightweight, durable materials and fewer moving parts than competitive FourStroke engines have made the SeaPro tough, compact, durable and highly efficient.

An overall reduction in weight lets you take full advantage of the engine’s torque for acceleration.

Commercial Calibration

SeaPro FourStroke engines are specifically calibrated to meet commercial duty cycles, ensuring reliability and performance when you need it most.

Mercury SeaPro FourStroke  75-115 hp

Mercury SeaPro FourStroke 75-115 hp

The most efficient mid-range, working FourStrokes ever. The SeaPro FourStroke Mid-Range takes it to the next level...
Mercury SeaPro FourStroke 150 hp

Mercury SeaPro FourStroke 150 hp

The strong silent type, that just gets on with it. Compact Mercury SeaPro™ FourStrokes are quiet, delivering...

Jets - Follow Adventure And Boat Where Others Can't.

Mercury jet-drive outboards are specifically designed to pilot boats in shallow waters where propeller-driven hulls are unable to operate. Because there's no lower unit extending below the hull, the jet drive permits passage over obstacles that would restrict access to a propeller-driven outboard boat.

Think fast. Shallow, too.

Heart-pounding acceleration. Worry-free navigation in shallow lakes, rocky rivers, and narrow streams. However you travel, wherever you go-there's a Mercury® Jet perfect for your boating adventures.

FourStroke Jet Outboards

Mercury® Jet Outboards are designed with the power and the weight to cover any shallow-water jet boat application. Our FourStroke jet outboards are electronic fuel injected, with a range from 25 to 40 horsepower. Mercury’s jet-drive outboards are specifically designed to pilot boats in shallow waters where propeller-driven hulls are unable to operate. Because there is no lower unit extending below the hull, the jet drive permits passage over obstacles that would foul a propeller-driven outboard boat.

Shallow-Water Champ

When the water’s too shallow for propeller-driven boats, turn to a Mercury® Jet Outboard or Sport Jet®. Designed for extreme shallow-water operation, Mercury Jet Outboard models from 25 – 80hp fit a wide range of applications. The Mercury Sport Jet pairs a jet drive with a responsive 200hp V6 OptiMax powerhead.

Taking You Where the Fish Are.

The Mercury® Sport Jet is the perfect power option when you need to get into the shallows. Thanks to its unique engineering, the Mercury Sport Jet offers you unparalleled maneuverability. Without props or skegs to get snagged on underwater obstructions, your boat can move easily into areas that outboard- or sterndrive-powered boats can't get near.

And at 200 horsepower, the Mercury Sport Jet can do more than take you to the secluded fishing holes. It's got power to spare for water activities like skiing or tubing.

The Mercury Sport Jet features award-winning OptiMax two-stroke Direct Injection technology - providing instant turn-key starting, no-smoke operation, outstanding fuel economy and excellent power. Plus, it's incredibly easy to use and maintain. Mercury's Hydro-Surge automatic weed cleanout system eliminates debris from the jet intake, so there's no worry about weeds clogging the engine. The Mercury Sport Jet also features a self-draining cooling system - which means less work at the dock and more fun on the water.

The Mercury Sport Jet is all about power, simplicity and fun..

Mercury FourStroke Jet Outboards 25-80 hp

Mercury FourStroke Jet Outboards 25-80 hp

Get to the Fish, Fast. Made for speed in shallow water.

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