Honda Outboards

World Renowned Honda Reliability

Unmatched Reliability

With our dedication to performance and innovation, Honda delivers power with unmatched reliability. At Honda, we build engines that can be relied on to perform day in, day out. Our deep level of experience and commitment to precision manufacturing techniques, has allowed Honda to build a reputation for consistency. To back this up Honda is proud to announce the introduction of the 7* year domestic warranty and 3* year commercial warranty. The Honda warranty maintains the same value throughout its lifetime, ensuring the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first; peace of mind for all Honda outboard owners.

Unrivalled Performance

Honda outboard engines integrate the most effective systems and technologies for their power range, so you get unrivalled speed and acceleration no matter what size you use, at any rpm. Over the years, we have used our experience as the world’s largest engine manufacturer to perfect four-stroke engines that are clean, quiet and economical.

Quiet Operation

All Honda four-stroke engines are quiet yet powerful and fuel efficient. With advanced engineering, exclusive Honda technologies and our pursuit of excellence, Honda will continue to offer high quality products that set the standard in engine technology that are whisper quiet.

Outstanding Fuel Economy

Honda four-stroke technology ensures low fuel consumption without compromising on performance. By comparison, Honda four-stroke outboards are around 50% more fuel efficient than conventional two-stroke models. Honda’s technology also reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

Specialised Dealer Network

Sports Marine are fully trained Honda specialists with service and after sales support. We can provide all service requirements including genuine Honda Parts and factory trained mechanics.

Why Honda?

Honda 7-Year Domestic Warranty

Full and non-declining Honda 7-Year Domestic Warranty. Coverage is the same on the last day as it is on the first and applies to Honda's ENTIRE engine line-up. Honda is the first and ONLY manufacturer in the industry to introduce a 7-Year Warranty.

4-Stroke Outboard Technology

The first to introduce 4-Stroke Outboard technology in Australia, Honda has remained the innovative leader ever since.

Honda Certified Training

Factory trained and certified technicians working on your outboard engine. The training content is rigorous and comprehensive to ensure that your Honda is well looked after.

Unmatched Reliability through Technology

Honda offers unmatched reliability in the marine industry through utilisation of proven engine components and technology. For more information on Honda Technology go to the Honda Technology page.

Genuine Parts & Accessories

Access to over 2,700 genuine parts and accessories stocked in Australia – and if it's not here, Honda will airfreight from one of its overseas factories. Such is Honda's commitment to keep your boat on the water.

Honda Outboards Hold Their Value

Honda outboards hold their value in the used market better than other brands on the Australian market.

Idle All Day

Honda outboard engines will idle all day, making them perfect for trolling.

Environmentally Friendly

All of Honda's 4-stroke outboard engines pass the toughest emission regulations in the world.


Honda   BF2.3 (2.3HP Outboard)

Honda BF2.3 (2.3HP Outboard)

Reliable and quiet, the ergonomic carry handle allows it to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime!
Honda   BF4 (4HP OUTBOARD)


The all new BF4 is a perfect example of Honda's world-renowned engineering combining proven reliability with superior...
Honda   BF8 (8HP OUTBOARD)


Reliable and economical power in a lightweight package, built to deliver complete satisfaction.
Honda  BF10 (10HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF10 (10HP OUTBOARD)

Delivering dependable portable performance for inflatable boats, dinghies and sailing boats.

Honda  BF15 (15HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF15 (15HP OUTBOARD)

Honda’s advanced four-stroke technology ensures responsive, smooth and reliable power.
Honda  BF20 (20HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF20 (20HP OUTBOARD)

Delivers unrivaled innovation to the portable range. It’s a powerful, efficient and clean operator!



The all new BF5 is a perfect example of Honda's world-renowned engineering combining proven reliability with superior...


The all new BF6 is a perfect example of Honda's world-renowned engineering combining proven reliability with superior...

Mid Range

Honda  BF30 (30hp OUTBOARD)

Honda BF30 (30hp OUTBOARD)

Combines Honda’s world-renowned reliability with instant throttle response.

Honda  BF40 (40hp OUTBOARD)

Honda BF40 (40hp OUTBOARD)

The most advanced, lightweight, quietest 4-Stroke in the world.

Honda  BF50 (50hp OUTBOARD)

Honda BF50 (50hp OUTBOARD)

Honda’s elegant new design, the lightest engine available in its class
Honda  BF60 (60hp OUTBOARD)

Honda BF60 (60hp OUTBOARD)

Combining exclusive Honda technologies in a lightweight package, the BF60 delivers best-in-class performance.


The BFP60 (Power Thrust) expands Honda's premium product range available to Australian boaters.

Honda  BF75 (75hp OUTBOARD)

Honda BF75 (75hp OUTBOARD)

The BF75 is based on the same engine that powers one of the world’s most popular cars, the Honda Jazz.

Honda  BF80 (80hp OUTBOARD)

Honda BF80 (80hp OUTBOARD)

One of the most recent additions to Honda's line-up, the BF80 brings together Honda's technological advancements and...
Honda BF100 (100hp OUTBOARD)

Honda BF100 (100hp OUTBOARD)

Alongside its little brother, the BF80, the all-new BF100 is packed full of power and ready to rule the water. You...

High Horsepower

Honda BF115 (115HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF115 (115HP OUTBOARD)

Incorporating a range of exclusive Honda technologies to deliver incredible power and fuel efficiency.
Honda BF135 (135HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF135 (135HP OUTBOARD)

Quality and reliability through advanced engineering, the BF135 achieves unparalleled performance.

Honda BF150 (150HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF150 (150HP OUTBOARD)

The standard in innovation with inline four-cylinder technology, placing it in a league of its own.

Honda BF175 (175HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF175 (175HP OUTBOARD)

Based on the proven technology of Honda’s automotive engines, and exclusive marine technologies.

Honda BF200 (200HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF200 (200HP OUTBOARD)

The BF200 delivers superior torque, top-end speed and world-class performance in a narrow, balanced V6 powerplant.
Honda BF225 (225HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF225 (225HP OUTBOARD)

Combining Honda innovation with a powerful, large-displacement V6 engine, the BF225 offers the most technologically...
Honda BF250 (250HP OUTBOARD)

Honda BF250 (250HP OUTBOARD)

The BF250 outboard engine takes Honda into the next power range. This flagship engine combines a new 3.6L, V6 EFI...

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