9 May 2018




Sick of getting a numb or tingly arm while out on the water from the harsh vibrations resonating from your engine?

Not with this bad boy, Honda have specifically developed new rubber engine mounts that are integrated into the outboard to absorb practically all vibrations across the rpm range; delivering superior comfort to the operator, meaning that you can travel longer and further in complete comfort.

All this is packed into a lightweight, compact design that's easy to transport, and perfect for small tenders, canoes, and Inflatable Ribs.



Each engine has an integrated large capacity fuel tank built in, hidden away under the cowl this additional 1.5l of fuel gives the operator longer continuous running time; the longest running time available in their class with up to 43 minutes at wide open throttle.

Additionally the BF6 can be connected to an additional external fuel tank for those longer journeys.

Equipped with a Honda’s decompression mechanism, the BF5 is a breeze to start at whatever temperature the engine may be.



The BF6 is now lighter than ever (starting from a low 27kg) their lightweight nature and new carrying handle design enables the user to easily transport and store away the engines. The tiller handle can be fully folded to make the unit even more compact making storage even more convenient.

Equipped with a one touch engine stop switch for convenience, making it safer in emergency situations and also making it much easier to turn off the engine when you reach your destination.

To protect the outboard, an oil alert system automatically limits the engine speed to 2,300 rpm in case of an oil pressure drop.

And with a7* Year Domestic Warranty and 100 dealers located around Australia, no matter where your Honda BF5 takes you, you'll go there with peace of mind.

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