11 August 2015

Honda BF15 (15HP OUTBOARD)

Responsive, smooth and reliable power

Outstanding Performance

Honda's BF15 delivers unrivalled innovation to the portable range. Ideally suited to 3-4.5 metre aluminium and inflatable boats, it provides responsive, smooth and reliable power in a lightweight design.Honda's Advanced Four-Stroke Technology results in efficient, clean and quiet operation, making your time on the water more enjoyable than ever before.The world-renowned quality of a Honda outboard combines proven reliability and superior fuel efficiency, with no oil mixing, also resulting in a healthier experience for you and the environment.

A Born Leader

The Honda BF15 is sure to turn heads with the largest alternator in its class! 12amps at just 3000 RPM maintains the battery charge and keeps electronics going, even at trolling speeds.At 350cc, the 15HP large displacement coupled with the long-stroke design provides optimum torque throughout the RPM range.And while conventional two-circuit carburettors go directly from a lean mixture at idle to a rich setting at full throttle, the BF15 adds a third, middle stage for better economy and smoother, stronger operation.

Simple And Lightweight

At under 50kg, the BF15 is super lightweight, allowing easy transport and convenient mounting to the hull.It has a convenient long tiller handle for increased control and reduced steering effort. The extended handle is made of a lightweight composite for increased durability and weight reduction.And with a built-in decompression release and Digital CDI system working together to set the ignition timing during start-up, just 60% of the normal effort is required to pull-start the engine by hand!

And More...

Additional exhaust relief above the cavitation plate allows the prop to run in clean, exhaust-free water, producing more thrust.On manual models, the BF15's Shallow Water Drive allows you to run in shallow water and greatly. And the Gas Assist function makes it easy to tilt the engine for running in shallow water, or raise it completely out of the water for protection. reduces the risk of engine damage.Throw in an industry-leading 5 Year Warranty and 100 authorised Honda dealers located all around Australia, and it's never been easier to get your boat out onto the water.

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